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In-Ear Headphones

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In-Ear Headphones
In-Ear Headphones are broadly classified into two categories, wired & wireless. In the wireless category, it can again be subdivided into Neckbands & True Wireless basis its characteristics & function. 
Discover comfortable In-Ear Headphones, well fitted True Wireless Earbuds or Neckband Headphones that make style statements. Wired In-ear Headphones are your answer to the functional need of listening to music on the go. A great neckband headphone on the other hand helps you free from entanglement of wire while you are working out or engaged otherwise being comfortable for long hours of music enjoyment. A true wireless headphone or earbud is your best companion for your long business calls & or astounding music performance. 
What makes an In-ear Headphone good?
 For any In-ear headphone some qualities that needs to be considered are,
Natural reproduction of sound, clear vocals & deep bass
Light weight product, less tangled wire/ tangle free design (like neckband or true wireless)
Comfortable Fit for long hours of listening 

What types of In-Ear Headphones do you need? 
 If you are a excited beginner in this journey of music & are looking for a headphone that is good in reproducing music that you love listening to & additionally gives you an opportunity to make & receive calls too, check out our wide variety of ‘boAt Bassheads’ or ‘Pioneer SE series with mic’. If you are interested in wireless headphones, check out our true wireless & wireless neckband options of ‘boAt Rockerz’, ‘Portronics Harmonics’ & ‘boAt airdopes’, ‘Portronics Twins’ 
True Wireless Headphones 
Wireless Neckband Headphones 
Wired In-Ear Headphones 
What are the Best In-Ear Headphones under 500?
Wired In-ear Headphones are back in vogue with unusually striking style of boAt Bassheads & its nuanced delivery of sound. Some of them are as below,
boAt Bassheads 100
boAt Bassheads 172
What are the Best In-Ear Neckband Headphones under 2000? 
Super slim & chic to look at, these wide array of Neckband Headphones are not just great at looks, but come across with impeccable performance & long lasting battery life. Some of the best sellers in this assortment are, 
boAt Rockerz 255
boAt Rockerz 270v2
Portronics Harmonics One
Portronics Harmonics X
Noise Tune Active 

What are the Best In-Ear True Wireless Headphones under 2000?
 Audio that immerses you, voice clarity that isolates you from your ambience, True Wireless Headphones are instant hit in present day work from home scenarios. Some of our favorite picks are as below,
boAt Airdopes 201
Portronics Twins II
Portronics Twins Mini
Sony WFXB700
Noise Shots Rush
Jabra Elite 65t
 How important is weather or water protection for your headphones?
Protection from water & weather is extremely important depending on what your usage is. For example if you need something purely indoors & calls you might not protect from weather & or water. On the contrary, if you are buying this for your work out please check the IPX rating of your headphones. Check for IP ratings if you need your headphone to be waterproof & dust proof.  Also read the specifications of headphones where products are mentioned as splash proof as opposed to waterproof, both cater to different requirements.
Some of our Best Sellers that are waterproof  
 boAt Rockerz 261
boAt Airdopes 201
boAt Rockerz 255
Portronics Harmonics 216
boAt Rockerz 270 V2
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro
Portronics Harmonics X 


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