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Condenser Microphones

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Every recording studio needs a condenser microphone, whether you're an amateur audio enthusiast or an experienced industry professional. They are the most often used mic type when it comes to recording vocals, and because of the condenser's ideal usage in the recording studio, you'll a wide range of options from the world's most renowned and respected audio brands on Bajaao. Brands like Audio Technica, Shure, and Neumann have astounding reputations in the music industry for their high-quality condenser microphones. When musical brilliance is being created in the studio, you naturally want to capture that moment with the best audio equipment. Call our experts to find the best condenser microphones or USB condenser microphones that suit your requirement at the lowest prices in India.  Buy the best Condenser Microphones online with BAJAAO.com at the best and most affordable price in India. Make your shopping experience a wonderful one with us.

What is a Condenser Microphone?

Condenser Microphones are a type of microphone that are mainly used in Studios due to their versatility. They record with great detail and accuracy and are preferred for recording everything from Vocals to Instruments.  

What are Condenser Microphones best for?

While condenser Mics are very versatile in nature, they are the best choice for Vocal Recordings. 

What are the different types of Condenser Microphones?

Condenser Mics mainly come in 2 variations. 

  • Large Diaphragm Condensers - Most suitable for Vocals & Instruments with heavy bass or mids. 
  • Small Diaphragm Condensers - Most suitable for Higher Frequency sounds like String Instruments of Cymbals. 

How to choose the right Microphone?

Choosing the right microphone depends entirely on the type of requirement you have, however, there are 2 things that need to be taken into consideration - Diaphragm Size & Polar Pattern

What are the Top Brands for Condenser Microphones in India?

Brands that are known for making Condenser Mics include - Rode, sE Electronics, Behringer, Vault, AKG, Samson, Audio Technica, Blue, Boya and many more. 

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