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Headphones are, by far, the most convenient way to enjoy rich sound in a private listening form factor, allowing you to enjoy music loud or in low volume; with clear vocals, sharp high notes or deep bass performance while you are on the go or focused at work, without disturbing anyone around you. Basis your comfort level you can choose from the fit that is right for you, over-ear headphones come across with a headband over your ear & gives you two options - on-ear & around-ear. On-ear headphones take less space & creates a snug fit, where in, around-ear design sits around your ear making it comfortable for you to enjoy music for longer hours. In-ear headphones design is least intrusive, takes least space & fits cozily inside your ear canal & delivers lifelike music. This can be found in various form factors like, wired in-ear headphones, wireless neckband headphones, true wireless headphones.
Get the best brands with great sound quality from our selection of headphones in Bajaao. Here you can explore & shop the popular headphones from our selection of top brands. The huge selection not only offers great range, top brands & best deals but also easier payment methods & fast delivery from Bajaao.
Our selection at a glance,
In-Ear Headphones
On-Ear Headphones 
Over-Ear Headphone
Which are the best headphones?
There is a wide selection of headphones for you to choose from. Explore our uber cool collection of ‘Jabra Elite Series’,‘boAt Rockerz’, ‘Sony MDR Series’, ‘Noise shot, tune or rush’ which will give you a concise understanding of headphones as a category breadth wise.
boAt Bassheads 100
Jabra Elite 75t Active
Portronics Harmonics One
boAt Bassheads 900
Noise Tune Active
boAt Rockerz 255
Portronics Twins Mini
boAt Airdopes
What should you look for while choosing a headphone?
There are so many brands offering so many products with unique features. Find out what features actually benefit you for you to choose the right headphone for you,
Audio Performance - Look for natural reproduction of sound with clarity in high notes & vocals & deep & rich bass with a considerable range of volume(low to high). Look for sounds being natural at a high level (not shrieking for vocals & string instruments),bass not overpowering at higher volume & fading out in lower volume. Overall look for high fidelity sound at all volume levels.
Comfort - Personal enjoyment is all about comfort, as the gadget is on you for a couple of hours each day please make sure that you are comfortable with how it feels when you wear it, what are the earcups made of, if they are comfortable enough for long hours of music. Notice how well is the earbud/ ear hook/ ear cup & headband’s ergonomic design.
Convenience - As these are mostly for your personal use, it is crucial that the product comes across in a well managed packaging which is easy to grab & go.
IP Rating - Please check the IP/IPX rating of your headphone while choosing the same if you are looking for sweat resistant/waterproof usage.
Battery Life - Look for a good battery life if you are looking for a wireless headphone, a great headphone without a good battery life will not cater your requirement. Also for True Wireless products, check for the carry case battery life too.
How important is weather or water protection for your headphones?
Protection from water & weather is extremely important depending on what your usage is. For example if you need something purely indoors & calls you might not protect from weather & or water. On the contrary, if you are buying this for your work out please check the IPX rating of your headphones. Check for IP ratings if you need your headphone to be waterproof & dust proof.  Also read the specifications of headphones where products are mentioned as splash proof as opposed to waterproof, both cater to different requirements.
Decoding IPX & IP Ratings
IPX is a certification to denote water resistance. The rating varies from IPX0 through to IPX9K presently. IP stands for Ingress Protection and also referred to as international protection. IPX rating is the marking that denotes the level of protection against water & dust.
Water Proofing
IPX0: The product offers no special protection from water.
IPX1: Can resist water that drips vertically onto the product.
IPX2: Can resist water that hits the product at a 15° angle or less.
IPX3: Can take water sprays of up to 60°.
IPX4: Is resistant to water splashes from any direction.
IPX5: Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.
IPX6: Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.
IPX6K: Can resist water jets of extremely high pressure. Rarely used.
IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.
IPX8: Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter. The exact depth is specified by the manufacturer.
IPX9K: Resists high-pressure, high-temperature sprays at close range.
Dust Proofing
IP0X: The product is not protected against any physical contact or objects.
IP1X: Only protected from objects larger than 50 mm. You won’t accidentally stick your hand into this product, but you can still easily get, say, your finger in. You probably shouldn’t.
IP2X: Protected from any object larger than 12.5 mm. This now includes fingers.
IP3X: Protected from things above 2.5 mm, which includes most tools and thick wires.
IP4X: Protected from anything bigger than 1 mm.
IP5X: Dust resistant. Some dust may get through, but it won’t be enough to damage the product.
IP6X: This product is fully dust tight.
IP Rating
IP Rating consists of two digits (IP65,66, 67, 68 & so on). The first digit indicates how well the substance is safe against solids (refer to dust proofing). The second one involves water resistance (refer to water proofing). The higher the ranking, the greater the security of a product.
Only a product undertaking special tests by a certified, independent firm is legally granted IP
Some of our Best Sellers that are waterproof
boAt Rockerz 261
boAt Airdopes 201
boAt Rockerz 255
Portronics Harmonics 216
boAt Rockerz 270 V2
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro
Portronics Harmonics X
To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, Bajaao offers a 15 day return policy, which is better than the 10-day exchange policies commonly found at most online marketplaces or retailers.  You can also call Bajaao’s highly skilled product specialists at +9122-42035353 for any product clarification or after-sales queries.  In addition to having the largest catalog of products in the industry, Bajaao is also currently the only retailer that provides a Free 2 year warranty service and Lifetime Tech Support.

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